How to Be a stylish man.

Style should be a very important aspect of a man’s life, you will be judged by the way you dress, Gents. It’s a sub-conscience thing. 

We’ve all done this.

We see a grown man dressed in oversized denim pants, old running shoes and a baggy white T-shirt and we think, “What is this guy doing?”. 

Antonio Centeno has a brilliant analogy: If a naked man runs into a building and shouts “There’s a fire!!” no one is going to take him seriously. But if a fireman, dressed in full gear, runs into the building and shouts “fire” then everyone will obey his every command.

That’s the importance of dressing appropriately and dressing well.  

Jordan Peterson says that men should always dress up. Our culture pushes the idea that the teenage years are the pinnacle of life and as a result most men never fully outgrow that phase. Subsequently, they dress down and look like overgrown 10-year-olds. Dr Peterson then stresses how attractive it is to women when their men dress up. I always feel sorry for the girl when her man is clothed like a prepubescent schoolboy and she looks like she’s heading to the opera. 

I have seen this with my own eyes and I couldn’t believe it. I remember seeing a couple in their 20s. The girl was dressed in a beautiful black dress, her hair was done and she looked radiant. 

So, instead of matching her elegance with a button-up, dark chinos and black Chelsea boots, her counterpart had rather opted for a scraggly white shirt, grey sweatpants and a golden chain that looked more plastic than metal. Her boyfriend had inadvertently dressed to make her look more like his older sister than his girlfriend.

How to build a stylish wardrobe.


Get rid of all graphic T-shirts. Unless it’s a Metallica T-shirt, everything else has to go. For general, everyday use, wearing plain T-shirts that fit you well is better. On the off occasion, wearing something funky when you’re in the mood is permissible. 

Throw out your worn and torn shirts. The only exception is that torn and stained shirt all men have for housework.

Replace them with plain solid colour T’s and collared shirts, short and long sleeves. 

Try different fabrics too. Linen shirts and flannel shirts are my personal favourite. It’s always good to experiment with new fabrics and styles.


A jacket is sometimes more of an accessory than something to keep you warm in the fall seasons (it can be used tfor warmth in winter if you layer under it). 

Jackets are awesome accessories because you can upgrade your outfit exponentially with a high-quality one. Furthermore, it also squares the shoulders and gives a more symmetrical shape to your upper body.

Now is the time for luxury fabrics: leather, suede, denim and cotton jackets. The look and feel of your outfit depends on what fabric jacket you get: Leather and denim give a badass, no-nonsense, look while suede can add a more sophisticated feel.


You could blow a 3-month income on a $10 000, 3-piece tailored silk suit for a business meeting but if you marched into that conference room with clown shoes you’ll still be laughed at and chased out.

Shoes are the final pieces that make your outfit. 

I know we love running shoes they are so comfortable but unless you’re running they don’t match any outfit. So let’s get rid of those and let me introduce you to the world of boots.

Boots are the key gentlemen. 

The ladies love them, they make us taller and add the rugged element to any outfit. Boots show you’re the man that can save the day.

My favourite boots are Chelsea and military-style boots. Chelsea boots can be most types of leather and are a bit more elegant as they can be dressed up to fit match that $10 000 suit.


Ah yes, the breeches. The age-old item that men and women have been wearing for centuries. The thing that sets us apart from the animals. The pants. 

A high-quality, well-fitted pair of pants can make or break your outfit. Make sure they’re not too baggy and not so tight that your voice jumps up a few octaves. Rather aim for a comfortable fit that complements your legs and butt.

My personal favourites are black and blue denim and dark or tan chinos. 

If you’ve ever watched the series Friends, we all remember the episode with Ross and his leather pants, a big no-no as we saw in the episode. Stick to functional fabrics that look good, like denim for a more casual look or a pair of trousers to match your suit for a wedding, for example.


Accessories are the finer details that will elevate your look above the guy next to you. Think of them as spices on a dish: They enhance the experience but they are not the main course.

  • Rings and necklaces-all in sterling silver-are in my opinion the best. Too much gold tends to make men look like pimps.
  • A good watch sends a message that this man is punctual and responsible, we just have to make sure we live up to it. 
  • Leather bags are very reliable, classy and elegant. Let’s get rid of the old canvas backpack and replace it with a brown or black leather bag. Leather accessories are a symbol of maturity and class. Because it’s more expensive, it signals that the wearer is an achieved man who can afford more pricy luxuries. 

         Let’s be honest, they also smell incredible.

  • Hats are an interesting one. Depending on your look and personal taste anything could work, ranging from a well-made baseball cap to a fedora.

    I would say give it a try. I will also be trying hats next year as a style change just because I haven’t tried them yet. 


Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and accessories. 

It’s fun and exciting to change things up, get a fresh look and elevate your current style. 

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