My morning Beard routine.

So the first thing I do when I get up is look in the mirror to do some ‘damage-controll” from the nights’ slumber and see what we’re dealing with. 

When I wake up my beard is a mess, I mean a real mess. It’s long, so after a knight of wild dreaming it sticks out in all directions and has a few knots in it. Those are quite literally a pain. 

Here is what I (and you can) do to transform yourself from looking like a scraggly baboon to a respectable, well-groomed man…every morning, every time.

Step #1. Get it wet.

Beards love warm water. 

It resets the beard to a neutral state, helps detangle it and stops it from curling inwards to your chin. That used to happen to me a lot I had a weird gap in the middle of my beard. In this first step, I usually use a scalp massager on the skin under my beard. It helps with blood flow to the face thus helping the beard grow and stay oiled up with the natural oils that the face produces.

From here I dry my beard and get ready for step #2.

Step #2. Blow it dry.

This is the beginning of the shaping process. 

Now I start getting the knots and use a round brush and medium heat to dry and shape my beard into my desired shape. I first hold the blow dryer pointing up at my beard to get all the knots out and then angle it blowing down on my beard to get it in shape.

Don’t get the blow dryer too close to your face or the hot air will burn your face, beard and neck. 

I do mess my beard up a bit with the next step but that ok because I blow it again.

Step #3. Oil it up.

So I’ve done the drying and now it’s time I add my beard oil and balm from The Beard Company SA. 

I put a nickel size or less amount of oil in my palm and rub my hands together to warm it up a bit. I say a nickel size or less because you should always start with less and then add more if need be, you can’t take out what you’ve already applied. 

I then apply the beard oil to my face, making sure that I rub it into the hair and skin. The oil helps keep the beard moisturized, the skin flake-free and stops the itching if you’re in that phase of beard growth.

Now I add the balm, a fingertip amount is enough. It aids in the styling process and holds the beard in place. Beard balm isn’t always needed, it depends on your beard length. 

Did I mention it smells amazing?

Step #4. Cold blast it.

Now, I go for the last blow-drying part where I blast my beard with cold air aimed down on the beard. This is the final shaping part of my routine where I get the beard back into the shape I want after messing it up a bit with the oiling and balming step.

The cold air locks the hairs in place. 

Step #5. Final touches.

After blowing my beard with cold air, I check in the mirror for any fly-away hairs (which I clip off) or unwanted kinks in my beard profile. I’ll use my hands to do the final bit of touch-up work and then stand back to look at my creation. 

It went from chaos to perfection in only a matter of 5-10 minutes (5min when you’ve had a bit of practice).


That’s it lads, it’s not a complicated routine. I have tried many things and I found that this way works best for me. I do this every day and the longer I do it, the better my facial hair looks and the hotter I feel.

And yours will also!

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