Why Kyokushin Karate?

History. The word Karate is derived from the words: Kara means “Empty”,  Te means “Hand”. Masutatsu Ōyama is the founder of Kyokushin karate, arguably the toughest karate style in the world. His life is full of legendary stories and myths. Masutatsu Ōyama is considered one of the strongest karate masters to date.  Mas Oyama named his […]

Men should know how to fight.

Why? Ultimately it’s for self-defence and the defence of others.  Secondly, martial arts training helps you become physically and, more importantly, mentally resilient. Practising martial arts, like Kyokushin karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, teaches mastery over your mind and body. It doesn’t matter how physically strong you are. If your mind isn’t, then you’re in trouble. […]