Santa Bras Cigars – Escobar.

Their story begins in the 1990s when their founder started experimenting with local tobacco. After trial and error, the hobby grew into something special: The only South African cigar company.

I recently had the privilege of doing a cigar tasting with the awesome people at Santa Bras Cigars. My colleague and I had an amazing time with Jaco Snyman the owner of Santa Bras. His knowledge of cigars is astounding and he really is a most amiable person. 

We smoked the Escobar, one of the Navigator Series cigars.

Escobar - Navigator Series

The description of the cigar from Santa Bras:

“Our Escobar is a handmade, premium Petit Corona. To generalize, Petit Coronas are essentially the smallest format you’ll find in the average lineup of premium cigars.

The Escobar is an easygoing cigar, lights fairly quickly because of the thinner gauge (thickness of the cigar) and is quite forgiving.

With surprising affordability and shorter smoking time, our Escobar is not only a great way to build a strong base of quality/quantity in your humidor, but these little guys will also make your daily grind a whole lot smoother when enjoyed during lunch breaks, morning sessions, or in cold environments that warrant shorter smoking time frames.

We suggest that this is the cigar one can start with if you are not familiar with cigars. The Escobar is also our tasting/pairing cigar of choice in the Navigator Series.” – Santa Bras Cigars.

My take on the Escobar.

The Escobar is a wonderful cigar. I love the Santa Bras bands. The black and gold stand out beautifully against the wrapper of the cigar. 

It has a good smoking time and is light enough for beginners and strong enough for seasoned veterans to enjoy. Although the wrapper has a moderate aesthetic, it is loaded with flavour. 

We paired the cigar with J&B whiskey and they complimented each other perfectly, but works just as well with Jameson and Johnnie Walker Black for the first and second third.

I highly recommend this cigar to anyone who is getting into cigars or looking for something unique.

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